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My name is Korri Wright, and I am the “Mompreneur” of 4 beautiful kids!

Being a “Mom” leads me to my long history and experience of house cleaning and the constant pursuit of lessening the time needed to get the jobs done.  Plus, I am always creating or dreaming of products that would make life easier for my friends and family. 

This dreaming and creating makes me the Inventor and CEO of the Blade Butler, and I love it!!!  Blade Butler has solved a common problem: “how do I effectively and efficiently clean my ceiling fan without creating more of a mess?”  The Blade Butler simply captures the dirt/debris in a bag with patent-pending design and utility.

After years battling the love/hate relationship I had with cleaning my fans, I went on a mad hunt to find a better, easier, safer way to clean my blades.  I quickly learned that there was not a single product on the market that captured the dirt and debris and could be done effectively without using a ladder. 

The cleaning tools on the market only made the process worse! Other products push the dust off of the blade, the dust/debris goes flying thru the air and then lands where it may; countertops, couches, beds, the floor and even worse… all over my face, hair, clothes! Yuck!

So every time I cleaned began the ritual of sneezing fits, being grossed out and then having to shower!  Yes, I hated cleaning my fans! 

Now, no longer do I have to put sheets down before cleaning, take out a ladder, vacuum/sweep/mop the floor, or wash the sheets after cleaning the fans.  Blade Butler solves all of these problems! Cleaning my ceiling fans takes a matter of minutes, and I am as clean as when I started!

Anyone with a ceiling can benefit from The Blade Butler.  We built a residential and commercial unit for larger fans and spaces.  Blade Butler saves time, it gets people off of ladders, (a liability) helps allergy sufferers too.  There are so many benefits to the Blade Butler!

Blade Butler sets its self apart from the competition it is the only patent-pending product that traps the dirt/debris instead of brushing/pushing it into the atmosphere. Other products that utilize a fabric design or lack a long and firm pole.   Bringing the combination of the bag and the pole together sets it miles ahead of anything that is on the market!

It has personally helped me save time, save money and it doesn’t make me cringe at the thought of cleaning my ceiling fans! My fans are always clean, and ironically, my kiddos ask to do it because it's simple and fun!

Faster, Safer and No Mess!

Korri Wright

Blade Butler Founder/CEO/Inventor